Development strategy
Development strategy

Development strategy

Company objectives

Taking Krupp as an example, it has become a well-known brand in China's special lubricating grease industry.

Build a relatively complete industrial chain with core competitiveness

Additive → synthetic base oil → special lubricating oil and grease

The company is recognized by the society as an enterprise with social value and responsibility

The company has become a home for employees

Company positioning

Company positioning: partner to provide customers with comprehensive lubrication solutions

Brand positioning: medium and high-end enterprise brand image

Product positioning: middle end, middle and high end products

Technological innovation

Establish a sound R & D system and strive to be recognized by provincial and national research institutes

Create three platforms for additive compatibility: urea, lithium, aluminum, sulfonate and other formula process platforms

Combine the cultivation and introduction of base oil compatibility platform to build a domestic first-class and international R & D team.


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